These questions and answers are taken from questions asked at Board meetings, of office and maintenance staff, and from other sources. We have included the most frequently asked questions and answers below. If you have a question that you don’t see answered here please contact us.

Isn’t Colonial Square Homes just like an apartment complex?

No, it has many advantages. You have equity in your unit and you have a say in how the cooperative is run by electing the Board of Directors and attending membership meetings..

Why do we have so many maintenance people?

Our cooperative has 251 units and our maintenance staff is responsible for the inside and outside of all of them, as well as the grounds. Move-outs often take more work than you would imagine as the units have to be rehabbed up to current standards. Our units are 45+ years old now even though they don't look like it...and this is due in part to our maintenance staff as well as our members who take pride in our cooperative.

Why aren’t anonymous complaints processed?

Our cooperative is run on democratic principles and there is a grievance procedure in place. To properly investigate a complaint, the Board must have written evidence to act on since complaints can end up in court. This process assists the Board in providing equal treatment for all involved.

If I see something suspicious should I call the police or security?

If in doubt call both, but always security. Security does random patrols and responds to calls from 9 pm to 5 am am each night. It is very helpful to the cooperative if you call security and have them file a report. This goes to the board and management and helps them keep track of any potential problem areas. Call the police for any emergencies or illegal activity

Why does the Cooperative care how much my improvements cost and require me to

submit receipts?

One of the Board's responsibilities is to support the marketability of the property. By verifying improvement costs, the true values are monitored and kept at affordable levels.

Does trash pickup really cost the co-op $2400 or more a month?

Yes, there are often additional costs if prohibited items or bulky items are found in the dumpsters. Please help us keep this cost down by recycling and properly disposing of large items. Report license plate numbers and descriptions of non- members using our dumpsters to the office along with a time and date.

What is the rule on the basketball court?

The basketball courts are for the use of our members and one guest. Security will lock the court at 10 pm.

When are furnace filters changed?

Furnace filters are changed by maintenance once per year during the annual inspection. They suggest that the filter be replaced monthly for less dust in your unit and to increase the lifespan of the blower motor. You can get them for $1.00 each from maintenance

Will maintenance replace my light bulbs?

Maintenance will only replace light bulbs in porch lights

Why do we have speed bumps?

Speed bumps significantly slow traffic in our co-op, especially at the North end of tract B where we experience non- member pass through traffic. This was done in response to member concerns for their children

Is our water free?

No. The co-op pays for its water use as do its members in their carrying charge.

When must Holiday lights be taken down?

Holiday lights must be taken down by February 1st.

How are after hours maintenance calls processed?

When you call the office after hours, you will have the option to be transferred to the answering service. You need to provide your name, address and phone number. The maintenance person on call will contact you before coming out to ascertain the nature of the problem. No work can begin until the work order is signed, so it is required that the member be present when maintenance arrives.

What are the lockout charges?

$5 during office hours and $25 after office hours and weekends.

Can I purchase a membership and let my family or friends live there?

You may have others live with you if you make the request through the office and follow proper procedure. However, Colonial Square requires that the member(s) occupy the unit 100% of the time. If you purchase a membership, you must live in the townhouse
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