Pet Policy  Pets: Dogs and Cats The cooperative is not responsible for any stray animals. If you do not know who owns an animal, call Kansas City Animal Control for the animal to be picked up.  Guidelines for registration of pets Only one (1) pet per unit is allowed. At maturity, the dog can weigh no more than 30 pounds and stand no taller than 24 inches at the shoulder. All pets will be registered with the office along with proof of current vaccinations. No exotic pets such as snakes and monkeys are allowed.  Guidelines concerning your responsibility as a pet owner Your pet will not make unreasonable noise. Dogs are not to be tied outside in unfenced yards. Yards must be kept clean of pet waste. The pet will not be allowed out of the townhouse or fenced backyard except when restrained by a leash and accompanied by a responsible person. When walking pets, always carry the necessary equipment and clean up after the pet. Any pet that attacks or bites a person will be removed from the cooperative at the discretion of the Board of Directors. All litter and dog feces must be disposed of in sealed plastic bags.  Pet violations procedure Letter procedure for pet complaints: 1st letter: Send offender a violation form letter. 2nd letter: Send offender a reminder letter. 3rd letter: After the third violation, a grievance hearing is scheduled
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