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2110 NE Parvin Road
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2110 NE Parvin Road
Kansas City, MO 64116
(816)  452-6664

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Membership in a housing cooperative is more than an application for a place to live. It is the first step which may lead to your participation in the cooperative ownership of a housing development. The cooperative has been incorporated as a nonprofit cooperative housing corporation for the purpose of acquiring, owning, and operating a housing development consisting of semi-detached houses the permanent occupancy of which will be restricted to members of the cooperative.

The track A 113 dwellings in Colonial Square will include 11 one-bedroom, 48 two-bedroom, 35 three-bedroom, and 19 four-bedroom units. Track B 12 one bedroom, 50 2 bedroom, 36 3 bedroom, and 20 4 bedroom units.  All except the one bedroom dwellings have basements. All are of wood frame construction with brick veneer, aluminum siding, and aluminum frame windows.

All dwellings come equipped with refrigerators, gas ranges with hoods, gas furnaces, gas 30-gallon hot water heaters, garbage disposals, bathroom ventilator fans, and birch finish kitchen cabinets. Storm windows and screens are provided for all windows, and doors. Members will be able to improve their individual garden and patio areas, subject to general regulations established by their Board of Directors, particularly with regard to such matters as fencing and retaining walls.

The Cooperative documents sets forth the terms and conditions under which you apply for membership in the cooperative; the Occupancy Agreement, the terms and conditions under which a member will occupy one of the dwelling units in the cooperative, and the Articles of Incorporation, the By-Laws, and the Regulatory Agreement, the authority and methods of operation of the cooperative corporation, It is strongly urged that you read these documents.

The corporation will deliver to you your membership certificate representing your interest in the cooperative corporation. Each member of the corporation, regardless of the dollar amount of his

investment, will have one vote. The affairs of the corporation will be conducted by a Board of Directors elected by the membership as provided in the By-Laws.

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